For Junior/Youth






For Junior/Youth

Fostering Junior Afhletes


Discovering new talent who aspire to become top athletes!

We discover and foster Tokyo-grown junior athletes with talent who are capable of succeeding at the international stage, such as at the Olympic Games. We work together with sports organizations in Tokyo and other entities to support everyone seriously striving to become a top athlete!


 Talent  Identification  &  Development
Rowing, boxing, wrestling, weightlifting, cycling, canoeing (sprint), archery



Your first step towards becoming the lead player!

We  provide  support  for  the  holding  of  beginner’s  classes, strength  training  sessions,  tournaments,  and  other  events that  are  carried  out  by  our  member  organizations.

■ Regional Promotion Program for Fostering junior Athletes (jointly held together with municipal sport associations)